05 March 2012

On a whim

Saturday we drove up to Anacortes and on a whim boarded the ferry to head over to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. It had been a busy week for us both and a long ferry ride, followed by a leisurely stroll around town, lunch and then a long ferry ride back was just what we needed. The combination of blues and grays were not only calming, but beautiful to photograph.
No matter how windy it gets, I love the wind blowing through my hair on the deck of the ferry.

Friday Harbor is the perfect town to stroll around for the the afternoon without a car. 

The best part of walking onto the ferry is how you do not have to wait in any lines and can jump on board at the last minute.
There is freedom in leaving the car for the day.

There is no faster changing subject than the sky. You can take endless photos and no two will ever be exactly alike.

It really is so easy to access the San Juan Islands, it is a shame we do not come up here more. My hope is that this Summer we will.

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Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! I love your sky pictures. The wind through your hair on a ferry is very invigorating. I've only done it once, but loved every second of it.