09 March 2012

After seven years things start to wear out

Standing at the cash register at Crate and Barrel the sales clerk asks, "Is this a gift?" "No, it is for me.........but after seven years things start to wear out." When I got married, I was luckily enough to have a mother who filled in the gaps for the domestic goods necessary to fill a home. She outfitted me with muffin pans, a kitchen timer, mixing bowls you name it. Now seven years later it was high time to purchase a new muffin pan and I was certainly eager to put it to good use.
I used this recipe, but substituted half the flour for wheat flour and replaced the blueberries with black berries instead. Word to the wise, purchase demerara sugar, it will change your life...well maybe not, but it will dress up your baked goods.

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