03 February 2012

The walls that bounce back

I have heard it said it takes approximately six months to make a house feel like a home, I would challenge you to aim for a month. The thought of living in a state of unfinished business for six months makes me crazy. However, we have come across a few stumbling blocks in making our house feel like a home. In particular, hammering a nail into our walls is no easy task. As a result, our collection of artwork has predominately remained propped against walls. Undecided whether we are going to purchase/make a bench, console or coat rack for our front entry I decided to take a handful of photos, some japanese masking tape and create a temporary photo installation. It is a great way to get those photos off the computer and much less expensive than having them all printed, matted and framed. For now, this is a good temporary solution to a longer term design dilemma.


Tavia said...

Okay, I've obviously got some serious blogger catching up to do, but you bought a house?! Congratulations! I'm sure with your talent it will be looking fabulous in no time. We have lived in our home for 4 years and it is still a big state of unfinished business!

Lisette said...

We are just renting, but it has been an adventure nonetheless.