15 January 2012

A year in review: May-July

 Snorkeling in Moorea
Fire dancers in Bora Bora
 Flying into Bora Bora
 Staying in our overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
Happy to be in warm weather
Spectacular snorkeling
 Cameron swimming with a school of fish
Happy to be together
 Hiking in Leavenworth

 Celebrating our six year anniversary at Ray's Boathouse

 Anniversary camping trip to the San Juan Islands
 Whale watching tour 
Watching hang gliders at sunset

 Sounder's game suite
 Festival of the Fountains at Science Center
 Spending time with our favorite girls
 Pioneers on the Youth Trek
 Vibrant sunsets at Seabrook
 Dreary summer weather in the Enchantments
Makeshift rain coats
 Celebrating the Fourth of July with Cameron's Grandma
 Fireworks over the Golden Gate Bridge
Ferry Building Farmer's Market
Soaking up sunshine in Seattle

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