28 November 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

My Mom has it all, from the beautiful house to the mad cooking skills. As a result, Thanksgiving, like most holidays among our family, is a day where we just show up. Since I never seem to make much in the way of a culinary contribution, this year I tried to get creative and make festive pins for the women in the family. Also, at the last minute I decided to make some Spicy Pecan Pumpkin Bread for a morning after treat.

The table was a group effort, with my sister making the sugar cone cornucopias, I brought the pressed leaves and my Mom making the ice centerpiece.

My Grandma was able to join us again this year, which was a special treat. And the plates we ate off were the plates she has used for many many years at her cabin.
My family is a little camera shy, so this photos of us will have to suffice as evidence we were there and had a wonderful, festive time.

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Queen of Kings said...

What a great thanksgiving! Literally should be in a magazine :) love your cute sweater and your festive pins!