06 November 2011

Pecan Molasses Granola

In an ongoing effort to eliminate unnecessary processed foods from my diet, I finally took it upon myself to make my own granola. Aside from granola being expensive and not always good for you I thought it was high time I made my own. This was my first attempt at making it and I am certain I will try many other varieties. I was quite pleased not only with the results, but the ease in which it was to make.


Tara H said...

We've been making our own granola too and I made this recipe too, wasn't it delicious?? I have to make a double batch so it will last us a little while. Did you put cranberries in it? Delicious idea. I just went to WinCo and got tons of dried fruits and nuts to make more- pecans was my most expensive item I bought! lol

Lisette said...

I used the big bag of Craisins I had from Costco. Now I finally have a good use for them and a reason to buy more. I have been buying my pecans by the pound at the grocery store. Nuts are just plain expensive. I just made a new batch yesterday and Cameron wanted chocolate chips in his, so I put mini chocolate chips in half the batch. If you like to eat it dry for a snack the addition of the chocolate chips is fun. Also, I was thinking of using chopped almonds next time.