02 November 2011

A humble Halloween

It might seem a tad odd, but I have wanted to be an owl or a bird for Halloween for a very long time. Something about the excuse to wear feathers seems fancy and festive to me. So here I am all dressed up with no place to go....... Cameron and I went on a "spooky" walk after dinner to check out all the decorated homes, basically it entailed me calling every decorated house spooky and then snapping a photo of it. It felt festive being out in the cold night air, with the silvery moon lighting up the night sky in the distance. It was the next best thing to trick or treating without the unwanted calories. I so dearly wanted to wear my mask on our walk, but felt a tad foolish being the only one dressed up.

Normally, my mother goes all out by making a fancy Halloween dinner and having everyone dress up, but this year they were out of town. Instead of trying to recreate the unparalleled Halloween splendor, we kept things simple with a dinner of Garden Minestrone soup and Molten Lava Cakes for dessert. (The above photo is actually from Halloween's Eve where where we had roasted fingerling potatoes, a salad and roasted butternut squash.) 

One of the homes I deemed "spooky"
Did I mention I had a little wardrobe change for our walk? I made this headband, but it was a little much with the festive flower pin I had on my shirt, so once my jacket went on, this homemade headband did too. I like being festive, even if it just for myself and no one else cares.
Molten Lava Cake with a little splash of orange sprinkles.

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