21 November 2011

Inaugural Snow Shoeing Trip

Last weekend we commenced our snowshoeing season. Since not all the ski lifts had opened yet and some people were unaware there was even enough snow in the mountains, it was the perfect time to go.
My heart always skips a beat when we are amongst the trees with just the sounds of birds tweeting in the tree tops. I know I have said this a thousand times, but this is my idea of heaven.
This could be a scene out of movie, there is something magical about a world covered in a blanket of snow.
 Source Lake not yet completely covered up by snow.
 Snowshoeing can be a fantastic workout, especially when you work your way up large mountain sides.

We decided that each time we go snowshoeing here, we are going to take this same photo to compare the snow levels, week to week.
 Icicles are rooflines are beautiful.

After snowshoeing, we did a little house hunting. It sure would be nice to have a little weekend retreat up in the mountains. Now the big decision is Bavarian, rustic cabin or modern.

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Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Gorgeous photos, Lisette! And what a beautiful hike. I would take any one of those cabins :)