03 October 2011

Scenes from the weekend

There is no doubt about it, Fall is here. We knew the forecast was going to be a bit glum this weekend, so we decided to head to the pumpkin patch before the crowds hit. I am like a kid in a candy store at the pumpkin patch. I need to walk up and down checking and rechecking each pumpkin to make certain I've selected the one I wanted. Cameron on the other hand is more decisive and just knows when he spots his. 

The sky was grey and there was a sprinkle or two while we were there, but nothing which required a jacket or an umbrella. 

Here I am having selected just the perfect pumpkin. However, I still continued to tromp through the patch and step on all the moldy ones. What can I say, I am a child at heart.

One of the highlights of this trip was finding the cutest little pumpkin I have ever seen in my life. I took it home as a part of a set of four. Each pumpkin getting gradually a tad bigger of course.

I really agonized over which gourds to buy. I just wanted them all, but mainly decided on the ones which looked like they were covered in warts.

After the patch we went out to lunch and then played a little mini golf. Apparently, I've got game because I won both games we played. Yeah for me!!!

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