06 October 2011

Halloween decorating

After we visited the pumpkin patch we went full force into decorating for Halloween. I have way too many decorations for my space, so here is just a sampling of what I pulled out this year. My favorite thing to decorate with are pumpkins and gourds, so this "family" of pumpkins are just about too cute for words.

Over the years, I have taken countless fall photographs. I like to switch out the artwork in my house seasonally, so I filled them up with snapshots from past trips. These little white pumpkins are my favorite because they are versatile enough to take you all the way to Thanksgiving. (did I mention they are fake?)

 Even my air plant deserves a festive home for the holidays.
Note the conjoined pumpkin in the background. Cameron spotted it at the patch and we just had to have it.
One of the real show pieces of my Halloween decor, is this Halloween advent calendar my parents made for me a couple of years ago. Yep, they are pretty much the dynamic duo!!
The fun part about decorating is each item is filled with some memory. This fabric banner for example was made from fabric my mother in law gave to me when we visited a couple years ago.

What is your favorite item to decorate with for Halloween?


jessica said...

so cute... of course! I especially love the "happy halloween" banner. Did you make that?

Britty said...

LOVE it all! Especially that adorable blue piece of wood with the pom poms on it. I may have to do something like that. You've got great style, Lisette!

Britty said...

Oh, and I'm pinning it all...