14 September 2011

A nightly reminder

As the light gave way to dark we sat on the large deck of our lodge. The majority of guests were already fast asleep as we enjoyed the night sky. I rested my head on the back of my chair and looked directly up. To my side, stood Cameron  fiddling with exposure length and other camera settings. Tonight was an excellent example of why life with Cameron is so sweet. Whenever I am tired, discouraged or do not particularly excel at something, he is there to lend a hand, a word of encouragement or take over. He is my ying, I am his yang and together we can do it all.
The streak of light is a car driving by.
The Big Dipper was so pronounced, it looked more like a connect the dot.
The moon in all its glory.
And as the sun rose the next morning I took the reigns while Cameron sat back and enjoyed the show.

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