23 August 2011

Hole in the Wall

Sometimes it is easy to forget how much you love a place until you revisit it. Camping on the beach this weekend was like that for me. I cautiously told Cameron that he had unknowingly married a nomad because I felt as content sleeping on the beach as in my own bed. Granted my body prefers a mattress, but my heart will always yearn for carrying my world on my back. The time I spent backpacking through Europe in college were some of the most stressful, exhausting, exhilarating times of my life and whenever I have all my possessions strapped to my back it makes me nostalgic for the freedom and endless possibilities I felt. Unfortunately life, bills, and commitments generally make it more difficult to live such a lifestyle, but the opportunity to get away even for a day or two with all my possessions on my back subsides the wild heart in me.

Wildflowers hug the bluffs. 
This photo might not seem particularly spectacular, but right afterward my camera fell off the log into the sand and then I proceeded to step on it. I must say this camera has had more than nine lives.
We did our best to pack light and anticipated using the creek for water. Surprisingly the creek has either been diverted or all dried up.

Now this is what I call a room with a view, had this been a hotel room it would have been pricey.

Hole in the wall.
I never grow tired of our stretched shadows, only in my dreams do I have legs that long and skinny.
The main events while beach camping are sunsets and tide pools.

Most of the places we like to camp do not allow campfires, so being able to have a fire is a real treat.
One word: spectacular.

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Jill said...

Yea! Love this beach. Rialto, right? I loved the tide pools as much as my boys. You made me want to go back real bad.

Sorry about your camera!