17 August 2011

Garden to Table

There is something intrinsically wonderful about growing your own food, no matter how small your yield is. As I picked my tomatoes yesterday, I wanted the perfect recipe to celebrate their flavor. I had worked hard to get these, so I was not about to disguise them in other aromas. I decided on Roasted Vegetable soup.

Roasting vegetables is my favorite way to make soup, it brings out the intensity of each flavor. I was feeling adventurous, so I also made my own croutons and topped with some parmesan and fresh basil from the garden.
However, equally fulfilling is the ability to forage your own food. I caught a glimpse of this as I carried home a large bag of blackberries I had picked the other day. The connection of food to table is typically lost in our everyday lives, so I appreciate when I have moments like this to make me stop and think where my food comes from.

I decided to combine my freshly picked blackberries with the white peaches I had on hand. 
I found this recipe for Peach and Blackberry crisp. 

It was easy enough to make and the sweetness of the white peaches complimented the tartness of the blackberries quite nicely.

I have contemplated for a long time, ordering a fresh food box each week from a local farm. I am curious if anyone has had success doing this?

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Cameron and Lisette said...

That parmesan cheese looks amazing!