26 June 2011

A story of revenge........a long time coming

When I was a teenager I hated to have my picture taken, so much that I did not even have a senior photo. In my high school year book I was one of those people with a no photo available box above my name and I was cool with it. It was not that I experienced a particularly awkward or ugly phase (I looked much the same as I do today) I just knew what I looked like and did not see the need to have one taken. I guess you could blame it on being a self conscious teenager or most likely just being my difficult self. I also remember a certain young man who found it particularly good fun to chase me around with his camera trying to snap photos of me when he dropped me off from school.

Flash forward fifteen years and we have a similar situation where that same young man is now being chased around by his self taught photographer wife. So whenever he complains about being in too many pictures or having to smile too often I think how revenge sometimes is a long time coming.

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Kiwi said...

how do I not remember the yearbook thing?! And we were in yearbook together!