20 May 2011

Flower child

As a teenager I loved anything and everything from the "flower power" phase of the 60s and 70s. My parents always joked I was born in the wrong decade. Nowadays, I take every opportunity I can to wear flowers. From flower headbands and clips in my hair, to flower necklaces around my neck, flower pins on my sweaters or flower bracelets on my wrist. Flowers will always remain a popular feminine accessory and a favorite household impact item.

This week I made the awesome discovery of the Peony Tulip. I was walking around Pike Place market when I stumbled across this magnificent bud. I eagerly purchased a handful and have been giddy each time I look at them. As I learned on the internet: "blossoms of double late tulips have so many petals that their other name is Peony Tulip"

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