04 April 2011

La Conner

In order to escape the wind, rain and utter lack of good weather on Saturday, we drove up north to La Conner. We dined at one of our favorite pizza joints, watched the seaplanes come and go, did lots of window shopping, browsed art galleries and met the nicest local artist around.

Relying on strangers to snap a good photo of us is fraught with disappointment, so I seek out reflective surfaces instead.

I love the colorful wooden signs of small towns.

We have been known to drive up here solely because we crave the pizza, it is THAT good. I would recommend the mushroom, complete with fresh rosemary, feta and green onion.

I have been a fan of his infamous rain people since I was a teenager, so it was exciting to be able to meet John Ebner in person. He was warm, friendly and kind enough to snap a photo or two with us. He also happened to be the commissioned artist for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Poster this year.

Watching the seaplanes land.

We were several weeks too early for the tulips, but the daffodils were bright, cheery and worth the drive themselves.

Nature always knows how to do it right, the color combinations were fabulous.

We headed over to Deception Pass after La Conner. The day turned out so beautiful and we realized it had been awhile since we had been here.

It may not look like much, but their food here is awesome. We recommend their delicious crab cakes and Tomato Florentine soup.

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