10 March 2011

Relief Society's birthday

As a member of the Relief Society, I had the opportunity to help celebrate the founding of it with the women in my ward. It was a wonderful evening to come together as women of all walks of life, enjoy each other's company and be surrounded by festive decor. An evening out with the girls is fun, but an evening out with fifty girls is even better. The best part is you do not have to be a member of Relief Society to come and have fun with us and even better is we have fun once a month.

The tables were a festive sea of color blocking, everything from the presents on the table, to the table cloths and to the balloons tied to each chair.

In addition to wrapping all the cute packages, my friend Jessica created theses little reminders to do our visiting teaching each month. They are little magnets where you can flip it to say either "do it" or "done".

What is a party without a favor? Little bags of m&ms were passed out with the date the Relief Society was established.

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Britty said...

That is one stylish RS dinner! They're not quite so hip here. I love all of those adorable ideas, they're simply too cute!