05 November 2010

The Market

Making the shift to a one car family has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed me to experience the world at a slower pace, since I can only travel as fast as my legs can carry me. As a result I can stop along the way for moments of intrigue, find myself in new neighborhoods and become more familiar with the city than ever before in my life. If you only experience life from the interior of a car, devoid of interaction with the outdoor elements and viewing most things from the rear view mirror than you are doing your senses an injustice. There is nothing quite like fighting an umbrella to stay right side out, planning your path as to avoid the largest puddles or feeling the crisp Autumn air on your face. Exploring with my camera adds another layer of excitement as I try to capture the people and places of my everyday life. Because there is nothing quite like finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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