29 November 2010

Horn of plenty

Walking in a winter wonderland..... A mere five days ago there was two feet less of snow. We are loving all this cold weather and precipitation.

The whole time we were out it was snowing and then sticking to my wool hat and inside my hood. For some reason, I just hate wearing a hood when I am snowshoeing.

We know what kind of gear we like; it has to be stylish, affordable and highly functional. For the past two years, we have been digging Eddie Bauer's First Ascent line.

If you want to feel small and in utter awe, head up into the woods for a little snowshoeing.

This little beauty is awesome in the snow, its sister version also quite possibly saved my life.

Hiking transfers seamlessly into snowshoeing around here.

After a great time in the snow, it was off to my parent's home for some delicious food and good company.

The homemade ice centerpiece lets off a warm glow.

Runts in a sugar cone make for a delightful little cornucopia at each place setting.

We admit it, we are spoiled. We are always surrounded by beautiful scenery, people who love us and lots of delicious homemade food (thanks to my Mom) Although Thanksgiving is always extra special it is nice to know we do not have to wait another year for such a feast or festivities.

CJ flanked by the two most important and handsome men in my life.

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