01 November 2010

The hiccup

We have arrived at what I call "the hiccup", a pause between the goodness of Fall (cool and crisp) and the goodness of Winter (snow) in exchange for the wet, windy, indecision of snow vs. rain in the mountains. We are able to enjoy this type of indecision each year around this time. Fall hiking by definition is primarily over to make way for slush, mud and even some occasional snow.

We went on a cool, wet hike this past weekend. As we moved up the mountain, we progressed our way from Fall to Winter. The brilliance of orange verses the whiteness of snow. The trail was uncommonly empty and it does my heart good to see that even the heartiest of Seattelites are deterred at times by the rain.

Time to break out the snowshoeing poles. They really prevented us from slipping and sliding down the slushy trail.

Once at Snow Lake there was a good foot and a half of snow on the ground and in honor of it being Halloween Eve the lake was spookily covered with fog.

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