17 November 2010

Decidely Denim Day

Sliding into jeans on Saturday morning provides as much mental confusion about what day it is as not attending church on a Sunday. Last Saturday we traded in our hiking attire for our city wear. We donned our fall jackets, our brown shoes and set out for a city tour of sorts. We started in Fremont at Theo Chocolates, but just missed the 12:00 tour so we had a couple hours to kill in Fremont. We perused all our favorite stores and grew a tad hungry while doing so.

I love big, bold graphics, leaves strewn about the street and piles of books in Radio Flyers.

We decided to eat at Homegrown and were pleasantly surprised to find a completely sustainable sandwich shop along with delicious soups. The menu was an enormous chalkboard which ran the full depth of the restaurant. No need for anyone squinting here.

Unlikely pauses for photographs adds extra allure to my day.

The main event in Fremont was the Theo Chocolate Tour. In the end, we already knew everything they spoke about on the tour from the chocolate farm we visited in Costa Rica a couple years ago. However, we still enjoyed indulging on the endless supply of delicious chocolates. Theo Chocolates is the only organic and fair trade chocolate company in the United States. Also, Theo Chocolates is one of the only companies to start production from the cocoa bean as opposed to chocolate liquor and for that reason alone I am in full support of their production.

They were not stingy in the sample department. There were probably sixteen to twenty different types of chocolate to try and all the piles were not only beautifully displayed, but piled high.

After our chocolate tour we drove downtown and meandered our way from the shopping district, down to the market and then onto the Pier.

I never grow tired of quintessential Seattle vistas.

The endless array of colors at the market always intrigue me.

A wet drizzly Saturday called for some delicious fish and chips. Although a trip across country to the coast of Maine was what sparked our partaking of clam chowder, in general we were a little late as Seattlelites to come to the seafood party. We have repented of this travesty and now fully embrace and love the consumption of all things fishy.

Umbrella in hand, linked arm in arm side stepping puddles, making the climb up hill back to our we began to see it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we like it.

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jessica said...

I've been wanting to take the chocolate tour. Todd and I will have to add that to our "list". These photos are amazing.