09 November 2010

Anything but laying low

My limited concert experiences lead me to the belief that I am not the concert going type. After attending two concerts in two weeks, maybe I ought to retract that old opinion of myself and create a new one. When I was young I was given a nice stereo and returned it for a set of weights. I was a motivated, yet strange child who appreciated music, but only limited to the car and being held up in my room while doing homework. I felt my clock radio did a sufficient job and I was content with what I had. Next came the overpriced stadium concerts of Boyz II Men, Shania Twain and Ricky Martin, they were jam packed, loud and I was usually left waiting in long lines to go the bathroom and needing binoculars to see the performers.

Fast forward fifteen years and receiving word that a small group of Icelandic artists were coming to Seattle to perform for FREE alongside Seattle artists. What could be more satisfying than a free concert consisting of people you are excited to see? I failed to do much research on who exactly would be performing, but given my limited knowledge of Icelandic bands on the cds we picked up while in Iceland I was excited by the possibilities.

Nathan Wade

I was more than ecstatic to see my favorite Icelandic artist, Lay Low take the stage alongside Jason Dodson of The Maldives. She was shy, sweet and between her broken English, little carpet bag suitcase and Dr. Scholl shoes I found her charm to be off the charts.

Although we will never be total hipsters, I can appreciate a new type of concerts which consist of small venues, good views and maybe I am more of a concert goer than I first thought.

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