26 October 2010

The weekend of lots of treats and a little trick

My birthday marks the commencement of the over abundance of treats around here. From Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas there always seems to be a reason to whip up a good treat or two. I am not complaining, just stating the facts.

The gorgeous fall foliage that fills the streets and sidewalks of Seattle.

The cutest little birthday treat out there. All my favorite things combined into one little donut: pink, small and sprinkles. (Also makes for a good stand for zero.)

Ghost Tour through the Market on Friday evening. (The backside of the Public Market sign) FYI: Keep your eyes peeled for the boy without eyes.

Mummy cupcakes from our little dinner party Saturday.

Pumpkin mousse as a tasty new treat for our guests. Find the recipe here.

My birthday cake made by my Mom- spice cake Care Bear with chocolate frosting and pumpkin ice cream. Delicious!!


Queen of Kings said...

Happee Happee Birthday! 30 and thriving :) I left out the flirty... but we should add that in there. Love the donut and cake candle to mark another wonderful year! Thanks as always for all of the fun updates of your adventurous life :) I love your blog!

Jill said...

Happy b-day! Didn't realize it was the big 3-0!

That's a GREAT cake.