03 September 2010

Go Storm!!!!

Neither Cameron nor I could be classified as sport enthusiasts, but when the opportunity arose to sit courtside at the WNBA playoffs, we were smart enough to not turn a good thing down. The seats were nice and squishy, it was easy to follow the game because you could see everything and know which player was which.

Since it is the WNBA (and women are generally more thoughtful) they had another size aside from XL, mediums for us thank you very much. We dutifully adorned ourselves with the Lauren Jackson MVP t-shirts they passed out, but note Cameron was already in green and I was wearing my goldenrod earrings and yellow shoes.

Lauren Jackson in action, she is incredibly tall.

Sue Bird in action, she is much shorter, but very good.

The whole reason we were able to attend this game was thanks to this little cheer card which Cameron worked to develop with his client the Storm.

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