10 September 2010

Confession: Technology has made me lazy

There are so many wonderful things about technology, just mention the i-phone and you know what I mean. Unfortunately, technology has its dark side and it starts at your mailbox.......not your inbox. Email has virtually taken over most written forms of communication. Evite or other virtual invitation sights have eliminated the need for stamps, paper, envelopes and superb handwriting. As a society our handwriting is not only getting sloppier, but are our manners. I can count endless times I have sent a thank you via email.....I know shame on me, it just is so easy. So in an effort to kick my laziness and throw technology to the wind I broke out my watercolor pencils and created my own invitations, no technology required. If I keep this up, I am going to have to buy more stamps.

How has technology made you lazy?

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