01 September 2010

Bidding Summer farewell

Although Labor day weekend is typically classified as the end of Summer, it is hard to see September on the calendar, school buses, leaves falling off trees, and daylight shortening and still consider it Summer. If the quality of Summer was counted by sunsets viewed, smores made, hikes taken, meals eaten al fresco and sun soaked up then our Summer would have to be as close to perfection as possible. We started the Summer off with an anniversary hiking/camping trip and will be ending it with a similar mini vacation.

Anniversary dinner at Ray's boathouse.

Hiking at Palouse Falls.

Sunrise while camping on Yakima Skyline Trail.

Ice Cream Social.

Summer's favorite visitors.

Fourth of July in San Francisco.

Hiking at Colchuck Lake.

Oftentimes this Summer, we had to east to feel Summer's heat.

Hiking Bandera Mountain, on a not so summery Saturday.

Kayaking at Alki.

Wildflowers galore at Mt. Rainier.

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Queen of Kings said...

I hate bidding summer farewell... I do love the fall but this summer has seemed to fly by. Looks like you had a great and eventful summer. As always I LOVE all of your pictures you're amazingly talented!