20 August 2010

Me and my twin

Nothing makes me love a person more than when they get out of their comfort zone for me. The other day my little sis and I headed to Rainier for some fresh air, hiking and to see the beautiful wildflowers. I am fairly certain she did not know exactly what she was in for, but between the sunshine and the scenery it could not have been a more idyllic day on the mountain.

Old coworkers, former classmates and other lame people mistake my little sis for me frequently. She hates the mix ups and I find it amusing. I do not really see it, but then again I can never look at us simultaneously except for in photographs. Do we really look that much alike?

I told her she got to play the role of Cameron which meant I was going to be taking lots of pictures of her, she was a good sport and oh so photogenic.

We thought this view would suffice when stopping for a snack.

The marmots were peeking out of their homes throughout the trail.

This particular marmot reminded me of a bunny.

Wide open trails, very few crowds and no shortage of vistas to photograph.


Cameron and Lisette said...

Are you on the left or right??

Ketsy said...

Beautiful! And I love the marmot shots. Super cute.

Watts Family said...

When we were at your place there's a photo of you that looks a lot like CJ, I had to take a second to realize it was actually you. I don't think you're twins but you can see the family resemblance. When she came to visit us everyone at church commented that you could tell we were sisters :)