10 July 2010

Mama's, the Bobbsy Twins and Alcatraz

How many people are up and out in search of a sit down breakfast at 8am on a Tuesday? Apparently a couple dozen plus us. Rachel Ray featured Mama's as the best breakfast in San Fran, so we dutifully made our way there to check it out. We eagerly waited in line and come our turn to sit down, we already had our sights set on Cinnamon Chocolate French Toast. It sounds decadent and it was, so we were happy we shared.

Cameron has wanted to take a tour to Alcatraz for as long as I can remember, so this time we planned ahead and made it happen.

Yeah, yeah I know we look like the Bobbsy Twins, but this is what happens when you do not cross reference your wardrobe selections prior to leaving on vacation. The good thing was we were both easy to find and no one could deny we were together.

I was struck by how lush and the variety of plants on Alacatraz.

Have I mentioned I am crazy for succulents?

The main prison.

The state of the Warden's home is utter disrepair, I am uncertain where all the money from tours is going.

Back on land, waiting to catch the cable car.

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