07 July 2010

The magical years

As a childless woman I am not one to profess my knowledge of children, how to raise them or how to respond to them, but I will say from my limited experience (between nieces, nephews and friend's children) the magical years for children are really three to ten. During these years the combination of fun factor, independence and cuteness is really at its optimal. When everything they say and do (whether good or bad) either makes for a great photo or a great story later.

We had the opportunity to spend a decent amount of time with my nieces these past few weeks who all fall within the magical year age range and had a blast. They are sweet with just enough to spice to keep you on your toes. They are funny and entertaining and make you feel more fun and entertaining in their presence. They are good people to get silly with and good people to get hugs from. Although we thoroughly enjoy our childless existence, we are grateful to my sister for having additional people for us to love.

Making the smores over the fire.

Cameron is just the right combination of silly and fun to entertain any child for hours.

I love the sagging pants and the challenge of getting a good shot.

If everyone would cooperate, now that would be no fun at all.....but then again that is the perspective of an aunt, not a mother.


Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

beautiful girls!!!

Queen of Kings said...

Love this post! 3-10 is the perfect childhood age. Don't you wish you could go back to the carefree stage! You said it all very well! I love the pics cute neices lucky to have an Aunt and Uncle who are so much fun!