19 April 2010

Friday field trip

We decided to get a jump start on the weekend fun by heading up to the tulips in La Conner on Friday afternoon. Between the drive, the flowers and the delicious dinner we had it made for such a jam packed evening we thought for a second it was already Saturday.

Don't be deceived these signs should really read, "it is alright to step six to eight feet into the row as long as it for photographic purposes"

Every year we head up to see the tulips, so it was nice to share the experience with our friends.

I always looks for the one little misfit that always pops up among the fields.

One of my favorite parts is selecting which bunch I am going to take home to remind me of what a great time we had. Big surprise, these coral ones were the ones I could not pass up.


Ketsy said...

Aren't they amazing?? The colors are unreal. Love your photos!

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

love the pic of the two of you... I told you he was smiling :). Had a great time, as always!

Lisette said...


You take such great pictures of us, that we need you to go everywhere we go. Steve would love it!!