31 January 2010

Manly Bash

After weeks of prepping, planning and purchasing the party was finally here. A fun time was had by all and the best part of it was that Cameron truly was surprised.....well until he walked in the door and saw all the shoes and decorations. We had all of Cameron's favorites including thirty different kinds of rootbeer, pizza and chocolate cupcakes, cake, brownies and candy.

If you are experiencing mustache envy, you can pick your own up here.

With a little yarn, clothespins and photos of Cameron I was able to decorate the place with a light airy feel, I enjoyed how it turned out and it was even suggested to me that I keep it up all year long.


Laursen Family said...

I heart your tree heart pic! Where was that pic taken... very cool! Thanks for posting the Manly Bash pics, I was looking for them on Cameron's blog as he said he was going to post them. :D Should have known better... Anyhoo, Ryan and I enjoyed helping you surprising the "manly" bday boy. Thanks again! ~ Elizabeth

Janeece said...

You know I LOVE anything mustache themed. (You should have just asked to borrow the MILLION felt fake mustaches I made for Ken's birthday last year. I couldn't throw them away!)