27 January 2010

Birthday week

Yesterday was filled with simple pleasures. I met one of my best friends and her adorable children for a lovely cup of hot chocolate and quickly decided this is the only way I want it from here on out. I am always impressed with her calm, kind mothering approach, instead of getting upset she laughs and is good humored taking everything in stride. My favorite was when I arrived Naomi quickly turned and pointed to me and stated, "I do not want to hang out with her!" Gotta love kids, they are so honest and unfiltered. Growing up a sassy little girl I have an affinity for children who are extra spicy. Needless to say, a fun time was held by all and I am reminded of my certain future for spicy offspring.

Afterwards, I dashed off to my friends house to finish up my wedding dress pillows. What is a wedding dress pillow you might ask? For my wedding I had a dress made and was presented with a bag of scraps when she was done with the dress. I was never quite certain what would become of these until I decided to make pillows. Not knowing how to make pillows or owning a sewing machine I turned to my good friend for help. I am so excited for this project and I will post the results, so stay tuned.

The evening consisted of meetings which lead to a late dinner, so I decided to make a favorite standby, homemade Mac n Cheese and presented Cameron with the ABCs to why I love you......it was fun to make especially thinking of words for the hardest letters like x and z.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

what a great day you had. hot chocolate AND homemade mac and cheese. mmmmm.