10 December 2009

For the Cookie Monster in each of you

After five hours of cookie making I am starting to feel like a Keebler elf. However, I learned a couple of things yesterday, like first and foremost I need another cookie sheet, second two ovens would be nice, and third so would an assistant, but the additional cookie sheet is really most likely of them all.

I do enjoy the process of making cookies, specifically dealing with different cookie types. I chose my recipes from the Martha Stewart Cookie cookbook with separates the cookies by the following types: Light and delicate, Chunky and Nutty, Crisp and Crunchy, Soft and Chewy, Cakey and Tender, Rich and Dense and then lastly, Crumbly and Sandy. I like to think of cookies in terms of these categories and then decide from there which ones I want to make.

From Crumbly and Sandy I made Rosemary Butter cookies. Sounds like an odd pairing, but these are delicious.

From Chunky and Nutty I made Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Oatmeal cookies, as Cameron asked "all this in one cookie?" yep, the peanut butter is very subtle and the oatmeal makes them "healthy".

What cookies do you like to make for the holidays?

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