08 December 2009

Clever Package Toppers

One of my best discoveries from Black Friday was the little parchment bag the salesclerk at Anthropologie handed me. On the outside it read, "a present for your present" how cute, how clever I thought, and this was before I had even opened it. I was too excited and tore it open once I exited the premise. A string of ribbon with several circular pieces of felt. So that was what the adorable present topper behind the counter was made of.

As all the presents I bought sat wrapped under the tree, my favorite by far was the one with the felt topper. Feeling sorry for all the other bow laiden packages, I set out to make my own. Here is a simple how to:

1. Select various colors of felt either by the yard or the sheet.
2. Create a circular template (size to your liking, I made 2" diameter)
3. Cut out felt circles
4. Fold each circle in half and make two even sized snips
5. String felt circles through ribbon

6. Pull on both ends of ribbon and scrunch the circles together, you can adjust this to your liking, I like them pretty scrunched up.

7. Adorn your gift and tie a bow or a knot at the bottom, now all your presents are delightfully adorable for somewhere around $5.00.

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