29 November 2009

The tree and I

One of the most exciting parts of growing up and getting married is having the opportunity to create new family traditions. One such tradition is walking the Christmas tree home. Ever since we have been married we have lived within walking distance to many of life necessities, as result we have find ourselves abandoning the car whenever we can. Tree shopping has been no exception, so we have made a habit of selecting a tree within walking distance and that can be easily carried home. We have also made it a tradition of selecting our tree the day after Thanksgiving and so it was this year. We set out at dusk and made it to our destination with just enough light to make our selection. Upon choosing our tree, we eagerly made our way back home. The tree rested on Cameron's shoulder and all you could see was a pair of legs walking down the street with a tree on top. As Cameron's hand outstretched for mine my heart skipped a beat, I love how even carrying a Christmas tree home does not deter him from letting me know I am loved. And so we walked down the street hand in hand, the tree with legs and I.

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Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing that perfect moment.