03 November 2009

Leaf trodden trails

This weekend we had a race of sorts....a race up Mt. Si just Cameron and I. I would like to say that it was fair and I won, but somehow my long legged counterpart took the crown. I would say I let him win and he would say he won fair and square, but either way it was great exercise, lots of fresh air and I was able to take some interesting photos on the way down.

Breaking in my new hiking shoes.....I had mixed emotions about putting aside my other ones since they were sentimental to me. Originally, I had bought them with the express intent of country hopping all over Europe only to have them turn into my beloved hiking shoes. Looks like it is about time for my new shoes to take another trip.

One of the best parts of Fall hiking, no crowds.

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Tavia said...

I love that first shot. So beautiful.