22 November 2009

Over the river and through the woods, to find fresh fields of snow.......

Yesterday, as we were about to embark on our first snowshoeing trip of the season I was excited. Excited that my snow pants fit a little roomier and that I had so many choices in the what hat to wear category.....Apparently, I selected the hat that I always wear, but who can blame me when it compliments my winter white snow pants so nicely? Did you know that even out in the snow it is possible to come across a fashion savvy passerby. I have on a few occasions to date, been complimented on my color coordination while traipsing around in the snow. I digress.....Once we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find very few cars in the parking lot and that it was lightly snowing. After strapping on our gear and ascending the first hill we were able to take in the following view:

It was clear to see that hardly enough snow had fallen in order to be able to cross the river, but we did not allow this to prevent us from crossing over to the other side.

Once we made it across we continued to climb until we ran into the Snow Lake trail, what a difference a week makes. We were able to stick to the narrow trail and finally made it to our destination- Source Lake.

It was not until we arrived here that we saw in the distance two other groups of two. Throughout the two hours it took to hike in, I exclaimed on many occasions while on the trail how "I love it here". I love the calm, the peace, the winter white blanket, the crunch of the snow, the animal tracks and the snow birds sounding off high in the trees.

Apparently I also like to pose, but really I was just getting a good footing for myself- I promise.

A storm was reported to hit later in the day, so as the clouds rolled in and visibility diminished we were happy to be heading out.

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Ketsy said...

You have further strengthened my resolve to do some snowshoeing this year. It looks delightful!