02 November 2009

Fire in the sky

Sometimes you just know it is going to be a good sunset. I was on a walk yesterday afternoon when I caught a glimmer of purple and pink in the sky above. I knew I had to hurry home and get up to the rooftop deck as soon as possible. As I picked up the pace I found myself walking two abreast on a the sidewalk with this other woman. She would not slow down or speed up, but rather kept an identical pace with me. In terms of awkwardness I would rate walking alongside someone you do not know for more than a block as pretty awkward. Finally I was able to shake her and made my way home. The sunset did not disappoint and it was by far the best sunset we have had in several months. I wanted to pretend I was on a beach in Costa Rica, but then the wind picked up, I was getting goose bumps and it was well under fifty degrees out.

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