15 November 2009

The deal

Early on in our marriage I made it clear to Cameron that I considered Saturday a day to play and that during the week I would get done as many necessary chores/errands so that this might occur. I just will not accept that Saturdays have to turn into jockeying for a parking space at the grocery store or waiting in an excessively long line at the bank or post office. I hate to admit that I live for the weekend, but deep down Saturdays are my day of endless possibilities.

A Saturday could mean a car ride for a change of scenery or a long hike followed by a delicious dinner out with friends. This particular Saturday was the start of my winter wonderland. We did not anticipate there would be as much snow as there was, so we ending up hiking instead of snowshoeing through the white stuff. It is debatable which is a better work out, but something about being knee deep in snow makes me love Winter almost as much as Fall.

The brilliance of the white snow is in stark contrast with the darkness of Snow Lake.

The icicles are reminiscent of shards of glass.

Glimpses of blue and snow laiden trees.

I have always enjoyed going and doing things, but I have never considered myself an adventurous person. When I think of adventurous I reserve that title for people who climb Mt. Everest or move to distant lands. After looking through these pictures I am reminded how narrow the trail and steep the grade and maybe by some small account I can consider myself adventurous, well at least for the day.


Eileen said...

Breathtaking photos here. Yes, looking at the last picture of Cameron, with the steep edge of the mountain, I'd say you're adventurous. How did people know that was the trail? Yikes.

Eileen said...

Oh, and what's your system to get all your tasks done before Saturday? I haven't figured that one out yet and it's driving me crazy.

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Killer shots!!! what a great day... did it involve a race this time? :)