08 October 2009

Disappointments, covered bridges and contests

These are the last of the travel photos that I am going to bore you all with. We had the opportunity to visit another Shaker Village (we had visited one in Massachusetts last year) and thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast it. Jacob and Lisa: the other one was better. The staff was friendlier, there were more buildings and there was just more to see and do. We enjoyed ourselves, but since this Shaker Village is privately owned, they have a lots of rules. We like to roam the grounds freely, whereas they like you to be under their watchful eye at all times. No photos indoors was a new one for us, but whatever...Hancock was better anyways.

New Hampshire tourism is having a contest, but we did not find out about it until a little late in the game. The contest was to take photos of yourself with this sign and recognizable places. Oh well, we would have won anyways and then won a trip of a lifetime back to NH.

We were such tourists, I saw a covered bridge and we just had to turn off and snap a photo in front of it.

This was quite possibly the best part about the Ben and Jerry's factory tour: the Flavor Graveyard, it is filled with clever rhymes as to why certain flavors were discontinued. R.I.P. old flavors.

Even though the factory tour was a bit of a bust, as a result we found ourselves in Montpelier where we were able to take a tour of the capital in Vermont. We met a wonderful women, named Irene Stotts from Seattle. (what are the odds??) she was kind and funny and all around reminded me of my grandma. She mentioned she had been in Vermont since her husband died fifteen years ago and has hated it ever since. I was tempted to pack her up in my suitcase and bring her home, but then again what if she hated it in Seattle too.

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Ketsy said...

WOW, I just got caught up on your trip and I am in awe of how lovely your pictures are. What a great trip!