05 October 2009

Autumnal bliss

Two flights and eleven hours later we finally arrived at our destination..... Bartlett, New Hampshire. It was pouring rain and my dreams of sunshine and leaf peeping seemed to be falling hopelessly to the ground like the rain from the sky. We were tired and sleepy, but glad to be done traveling. After crashing early that night I awoke the next day eager to see what the weather was outside. I pulled back the curtains and peered through the blinds, sunshine.....just what my heart desired, sunshine. With a bounce to my step I eagerly got ready for the day. Once on the open highway I was tickled pink with the bursts of color surrounding me. Reds, yellows, oranges, greens against the blue sky, it was perfect and I was in Heaven. If I could freeze the world in one season it would be fall. We stopped off at Crawford Notch State Park and went on an early morning hike along with our very own guide. Walking along sections of the Appalachian Trail, learning how to distinguish between the different kinds of maples I felt overwhelmed with happiness. This trip was going to be all I anticipated and more.

Nestled within the 750,00 acres of the White Mountains region proudly sits the presidential range, five peaks aptly named after former presidents. Towering above New England is Mt. Washington standing around 6,500 feet, the tallest mountain in the region. Back in the early 1800s a road was cleared all the way to the top, so we were able to take the eight mile drive up. Between the narrow rode and no guard rails, it was a bit dicey at moments. The highest wind ever recorded by man occurred at this very spot, so we took the opportunity to snap a few photos for posterity. I think the one of Cameron with his sunglass is probably one of my all time favorite photos from the trip, he is such a poser- I love it!

Tomorrow: Part Two

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Erin said...

the one with the trees and the water reflection is stunning!