13 September 2009

A day through his eyes

Handing over the camera in a sense feels like handing over control. Now I would not typify myself by any means as a control freak, but I do like to have sole possession of the camera on most days. I am not certain if this was a case of exhibiting self control or if I was simply not in the mood to take photos, but this past weekend's hiking trip I spent more time being and less time documenting. As a result, I have a sequence of random photos taken from the vantage point of none other than Cameron. On a side note: I accused him of taking the most unflattering photos of me, but then again maybe I just want a chance to smile and say cheese.

Snow Lake

I should know better, I have spent time with this photographer before and should be ready for a photo at a moments notice.

Focus here seems to be on the visor, nice isn't it? It is as essential to hiking as water.

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