19 July 2009


Spending the day amongst wildflowers and dwarfed by the majesty of Mt. Rainier is a Saturday hard to compete with. Not only was a good portion of the snow melted, wildflowers dotting the landscape, but it was such a clear day that you could see the likes of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. We had the opportunity to take our friend Ketsy, a Mt. Rainier novice and introduce her to the mountain that we love. Spending the day up at Rainier makes me do two things: one, makes me happy with my lung capacity so that I can enjoy all this beauty and not be too exhausted to take it all in and two, make me snap more photos than I do of my loved ones, but then again flowers are usually more willing subjects than people.

I have a certain philosophy about Saturdays, they will not consist of errands and running around, Saturday is my fun day. If they do happen to consist of errands, they will only occur after maximum fresh air has been taken in and soreness has started to invade the body after a long day of hiking, running, snowshoeing etc. When I was young we would be required to do some small amount of chores, but all in all Saturdays were a day of going and having fun as a family. As a teenager I saw it as a day to stockpile my work hours and bring in the most money by working the entire day, but now my Saturdays are as precious to me as my Sundays. Saturdays are busy and frantic and endless bursts of fun and excitement. I will not work, I will not clean, I will not be doing anything aside from something I love. If I am sick I feel robbed of my day and if I sleep in late I feel cheated of hours of my precious day. I am very selfish with my Saturdays, I relish Saturday, it is the best day of the entire week.


Ketsy said...

THANKS AGAIN! I love the photos- especially the ones of the two of you. So cute. Yes, I am pleased with myself. :)

Lisette and Cameron said...

I am excited to see your photos from the trip, we were happy to tagged along, it was fun.