09 July 2009

Living under a rock?

Maybe I have been living under a rock, but I just discovered last week that Target carries a clothing line by Converse and guess what?? some of it is not only cute, but reasonably priced and fairly fashion forward. I felt like shopping the other day and thought I would give good old Target another chance, I have not seen anything there in months, but I happened to stumble upon all this cute stuff. Normally, I take several items into the fitting room, much to the dismay of anyone shopping with me. Normally, nothing works and I end up thinking what is wrong with my body and second, who do they use as a model for this stuff anyway. This time it was all different, each item I tried on not only fit, but was really cute. Run, don't walk to your nearest Target and if you do not find any clothes I am certain you will find something else you need.

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