07 July 2009

The fourth for four

We headed down to visit Cameron's grandparents for the long holiday weekend and celebrate the Fourth of July with them. Our morning started out with a pancake breakfast at the church, followed by a hike up Mission Peak, an early dinner with the grandparents, ending the day downtown eating a Ghirardelli sundae while watching the fireworks over the bay. It was a low key day, but a special chance to spend the day with two of our favorite people.

Digging my new shirt? Check out Target's line of Converse clothing....Who knew they made more than those ugly high tops. Ask me why I hate them later.

1 comment:

Ketsy said...

I love SF! I have gone to great lengths to get one of their Ghirardelli sundaes... Glad you guys had fun and survived a mega-roadtrip.