29 June 2009

Congrats Tavia & Tilman on your growing family

(photo snatched from Tavia's blog)

If she looks anything like her big sister we know she is adorable. We hope to meet her soon!!

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Tavia said...

I was too busy at the time to keep up with blogs, so I am just now seeing this post. But thanks so much for your thoughts and good wishes. We wish you could meet her. She is a cutie and looks A LOT like her big sister. Sometimes she could pass as a clone of Cianna.

I always love looking at your blogs, Lisette. You are such a talented photographer. It fills me with a desire to take better pictures, and to get outside more. Congratulations on your shows and the success of your photography business. We'll have to hire you to take a family picture sometime.

We miss you guys.