31 May 2009

Summer? Say it ain't so.....

After coming out of my sick fog my body yearned to be outside. Cameron and I had a date planned to go kayaking last week, but canceled since I was feeling less than stellar. We decided to go instead on Saturday and had a blast. We paddled around Lake Union passing houseboat after houseboat as my mind started to ponder what life might look like if I were to live in one of them......I could not own much furniture, would have to be really organized. Then we stopped and looked at a for sale flier and saw there was a fishing hole in the middle of the living room. Crazy, but cool. Maybe I am more in love with this city than I would ever admit......As we continued to paddle we watched seaplanes take off and land, glared at boats creating large wakes for us to maneuver and were mesmerized by how the water sparkled like a sea of diamonds. Having cause to wear a swimsuit in Seattle, crazy. Having cause to wear one in May in Seattle, even better. I could get used to this. After a couple hours on the water we worked up an appetite and had lunch. Since I have been watching so much Food Network my culinary palette was in need of something out of the ordinary- how about catfish. While at lunch I decided between my perfectly zesty catfish tacos, my waterside table and the most handsome husband ever that life is pretty good and that the sunshine is just the cherry on top. We ended the day browsing through Fremont and Cameron was able to pose for another great photo in his most favorite t-shirt in the world. Yep, You had better Belize it.

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