19 May 2009

Shoe of the Summer

Before we go to warm climates I always like to pick up some flip flops at Old Navy. At prices like 2/$5 I can hardly resist. This year I went to grab my usual solid colored cheap flip flops, when I suddenly saw these beauties. They were a little more expensive, $7.5o to be exact, but they looked cute. Okay I thought, the real test begins to see if the soles hold up or go flat and if the cute pattern flakes off when wet. I sometimes get the feeling places like Old Navy do not test their products, but assume that justifiably you get what you pay for. After countless miles on the beach, sand, salt and improper cleaning, I am proud to say the soles are still squishy, the print is still there and they are definitely going to be my choice for footwear this summer. Now which other colors should I get??? I think at these prices, one of each will do.

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