11 May 2009

Paradise found

Narrowing down what to say about our trip is as challenging as deciding what pictures to post. Some of the highlights of our trip were kayaking in one of the three warm water fjords in the world, seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, horseback riding on the beach, getting a huge upgrade to our room selection, and being able to swim in warm water and walk on sandy beaches.
Swaying in a hammock with a cool breeze.

Horseback riding through our lodge's private reserve.

Sporting my new owl t-shirt- Kim that one is for you. Oh and if anyone likes to be comfortable and sporty in the summer buy yourself a pair of Keens.

Monkeys are so fun to photograph, they have a different expression every time you look at them.

We were feeding this iguana and were able to catch mid bite.

Horseback riding with the whole beach to our ourselves, my horse liked to take its sweet time.

This was just too perfect. Iguana really like to sun bathe, especially on palm trees.

I love how relaxed this monkey looks.

Manuel Antonio, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Everyone should experience this kind of beauty once in their lifetime.

My best travel companion and life companion.

The waves were as much fun to watch as photograph.

The sarongs looked so beautiful in the sun light, I wanted them all, but Cameron made it easy and just picked one for me.

Jungle flowers are a rare treat and easy to step on if you are not careful.

Even the littlest creatures like crabs deserve a photo op. I like the bug eyes.

These two monkeys were cleaning each other, but it looked like the one was giving the other a massage.

Gorgeous sunsets that mesmerized me until the sun went dark.

The huge upgrade we were surprised with at our lodge- a three story, three bedroom house.

Flowers more beautiful than words can describe.

The Iguana Lodge at the Osa Peninsula.

Kayaking with our new friends from Savannah in the fjord.

Our guide just happened to bring fresh pineapple and coconut on our trip. If you want awesome service go to Costa Rica.

We started up the mouth of a river and went through a mangrove estuary and then had to
hop out and pull our boats across the sand into the gulf. The sun was hot, so we took turns with the visor, no doubt Cameron looks a lot better in it than I.

We saw several dolphins while we were out kayaking, but none of the pictures turned out spectacular enough to post.

The crab that caught my wave while body boarding, I knew something was pinching my leg, but Cameron did not believe me. Here is my proof.

Getting ready to leave our house. The sun woke us up each morning, and we were able to clean off in a natural stone outdoor shower. I really felt like I was one with nature as I swatted away bugs while showering.

The Osa Peninsula, more beautiful in person if you can imagine.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love fruit. I could consume massive amounts and one this trip I did. Fresh mango, banana, watermelon, papaya, and pineapple were just part of our breakfast every morning.
The top floor of our house or the Master Suite as they like to call it.

Somewhere over the rainbow............

The most people we ever saw on this beach were ten. Usually it looked something like this. Absolutely wonderful.

Our first night at the Iguana Lodge we had dinner with one other couple and the owners in this thatched cabana. The food was gourmet and as much as I enjoy cooking I would not mind being served decadent meals like this each evening. We enjoyed Mahi Mahi, Tuna steak and BBQ chicken on the beach to name a few.

I could have spent hours photographing these beauties, I love butterflies. Their intricate patterns and bold colors are the perfect combination.

BBQ dinner on the beach, we were treated like royalty and will never forget the experience.

Squirrel monkeys are the one species of monkeys that we did not see last time, they are the smallest and a very lively bunch.

You never know what you are going to see walking down the road. Cameron had to wake me up because he knew I would be upset if I missed this. Not the best shot, but come on I was half asleep.

Cloud forests are both spooky looking and beautiful.

Everything is more beautiful covered in fresh dew.

The view from our deck at the El Toucanet Lodge.

Cameron called this our "buddy" shot. Let's face it he pretty much is.

This one Cameron called the Sprite commercial. So luscious looking.

Torrential downpour in Alejeula. Women had to remove their shoes in order to cross the river and not loose them.

Paos Volcano

The traditional painted oxcart in action. This guy had the nerve to try to demand money from me for taking his picture...geesh. It did not turn out that well.


West Seattle Mapes said...

ummm....we're coming with you next time! and i LOVE that shirt!

Ketsy said...

Wow. I loved all your photos and I am dying to go. Save the second floor for us next time. :)

Steve, Lynn & Brian said...

Looks wonderful!!! I'm glad you had such a great week... We've got to go back there!

Jill said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That's incredible! Thanks for sharing!