21 May 2009

How do you like to rough it??

Seabrook July 2009

We are currently in the midst of preparing to head to the beach for this upcoming long weekend. We will be "roughing it" which means seemingly different things to Cameron and I. At the end of the weekend, I will reek of campfire, feel as crusty as this crab, but will have had a good dose of sunshine, fresh air and natural beauty. As I prepare, I contemplate whether I would like to carry supplies to make pancakes or take extra clothes to create a makeshift pillow......so many decisions. Anyone have any good camping food ideas?


Cameron said...

No pancakes. I was thinking about this at lunch today and thought it sounded like a good idea, just add water....right?? WRONG, then we would have to have syrup (Bears like syrup) and carry a heavy skillet. Don't get me wrong, I'm man enough to carry the skillet and fight off bears, but we can't waste our precious water on pancake mix.

Here is a list of approved camping groceries:

Bubble Gum
Beef Jerky
Fruit Snacks
Gummy Worms
Trail Mix
Granola Bars
Jolly Ranchers

All of the major food groups can be accounted for in the above list.

Lisette and Cameron said...

fighting off bears would make a good man vs. wild sequel. i am man enough to eat my pancakes plain. are you?

Erin said...

"All of the major food groups can be accounted for in the above list."


Ketsy said...

We are camping too this weekend, and we will be attempting pancakes with syrup. If we don't come back alive, you'll know why!

Cameron said...

Sorry Erin, but YOU are WRONG! The Watermelon is considered to be a vegetable. Some consider it to be both a fruit and a vegetable, but it is indeed a veggie. The Jolly Ranchers will suffice.